A guide to getting better paying rap gigs

A guide to getting better paying rap gigs

rap gig guide for new rappers

rap gig guide for new rappersIn the late 1970s, an art-form, that created a subculture and music genre, began evolving at the streets of South Bronx. Years later, that art-form has resulted to a global commercial empire that is worth millions.

During its early years, hip hop served as a voice and platform of expression for many young african-american individuals who struggled with social injustices. Since the days of Run DMC and Flavor Flav, hip hop has radically grown strength by strength. Previously it was an industry filled with poets and individuals who wanted to exercise their political beliefs and now it consists of rappers, singers, lyricists, producers and singers.

Even though the hip hop market is very wide, making a name for yourself within that market is still difficult. There are many potential rappers, lyricists, singers and producers who slave away their talents for a small fee. Due to this, some have abandon their dreams of becoming superstars and legends. Fortunately there are ways to get better paying gigs. Here is a guide to getting better paying gigs.

1) Market yourself
rap music marketingAdvertising your expertise to interested parties will not only get you a high paying gig, it will also help you gain fame. Start by using conventional marketing methods such as flyers, posters or word of mouth. Utilize the power of social networks to bring in business. Here is a tip: spend each day telling 3 people about your expertise. Also give ambush marketing a try. Ambush marketing is when you randomly speak to someone about your business or expertise for a certain period of time, preferably 30 seconds or less.

2) Create a blog or submit your music to music sharing sites.
The power of the internet has opened countless channels for people to market themselves or their businesses locally and/or globally. By utilizing the power of the internet, you can get high paying gigs. All you have to do is to create a blog and add your music for people to listen too. Don’t forget to include your biography and contact details. You can also submit your music to music sharing sites such as SoundCloud.

3) Perform at open mic nights
open rap mic nightsMany successful musicians and rappers began their careers at open mic nights. As their fame grew, they began to attract people who would contribute towards making their careers a success. You can also follow suit. Many famous producers and record label owners go to open mic nights to scout for new talent. When performing at an open mic night event, make sure you give a performance of a lifetime because you may never know who is watching.

4) Participate in competitions
Competitions have boosted several careers of famous superstars such as Kelly Clarkson. Partaking in a competition exposes you to a great audience who might like your music and might aid in pushing your career forward. It can also bring in better paying gigs. Don’t be shy to participate in big competitions that offer a great amount in prize money. Those competitions attract the right kind of individuals who can enhance your career. Even if you lose, there is still a chance your performance or music might attract business.

5) Utilize the power of Youtube
youtube musicJustin Bieber is a primary example of how Youtube can be the the exact launching pad an artist needs to become a superstar. Uploading a video of your performance or music on Youtube and sharing it with the world can attract fame and better paying gigs. The more hits and shares you get, the more your chances increase of getting better paying gigs. Make sure you upload a high quality video that is crystal clear.

6) Perform at a wedding or corporate events
Many might argue the use of performing at weddings or corporate event however it does greatly help in attaining better paying gigs. Both gigs attract a big crowd and when you perform, you music is heard by many people. Those who like your music might hire you or refer you to other interested parties. You might even be lucky to set your own rates.

7) Check the classifieds
Most classified sites contain ads that might have better paying gigs. Famous classified sites such as Craiglist contain better paying hip hop gigs. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few hours browsing through ads. Who know you might be lucky.

8) Attend major Cyphers and partake in prominent underground hip hop events and battles
A cypher is a freestyle rapping session or rap battle that occurs in groups. Cyphers are well known for attracting a great deal of hip hop enthusiasts because that’s where hip hop began. Rappers showcase the raw talent without any digital audio add ons, autotune or loops. Just a rapper rapping on a beat. Underground hip hop battles and events are the soul of hip hop. Most underground events attract the big names in the hip hop business. Both measures can aid in attracting better paying gigs. When you perform at one of these events, you expose yourself to figures that might give you high paying gigs or help you get better paying gigs.

9) Submit demos to a radio station
Radio is a media platform in which everyone has access to. Radio broadcasts offer a viable source of information and entertainment. By submitting a demo to a local or prominent radio station, you expose your music to bigger audience which in turn can help in getting better paying gigs and possible attract a record label contract. Make sure you include a brief biography and contact details when submitting a demo.

Anyone can get better paying gigs. All you need is determination, persistence, hard work and the right resources. Use this guide to attain better paying gigs and achieve your dreams.


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